OH NO! Alia Bhatt Stranded With A Drunk Man At Night 

We live in a democratic country but me tell that these Bollywood celebrities can never step out without their bodyguards. However, recently something happened with Alia when she was out of home at night around 3 am.

alia bhatt with a drunk bodyguardAlia Bhatt was actually at her rumoured boyfriend Siddharth Malhotra’s home at night and it was 3 am when she decided to go back to her home at Juhu. Alia Bhatt then called her bodyguard but despite several calls, her bodyguard did not receive the call.

Alia was restless about this situation and called the bodyguard continuously. Finally, bodyguard picked up the call and Alia told him to pick from Siddharth’s home. Bodyguard picked up Alia from Siddharth’s house and went back home.

However, after sometime, Alia Bhatt discovered that her bodyguard is drunk.  As soon as the bodyguard opened his mouth to give an explaining for not picking up the phone, Alia Bhatt could see he is in a drunken stage.

alia bhatt with a drunk bodyguardAlia Bhatt did not confront the guard as she knew he is not in his correct stage of mind. The actress wanted to go back home and then speak to the driver. She immediately told the driver that his behavior was inappropriate. The guard kept saying that he was not drunk, but Alia was quite sure by looking at his behavior.

alia bhatt with a drunk bodyguard, mom rescuesHowever, on return, Alia spoke about the incident to her mother,  Soni Razdan. Soni Razdan called the bodyguard in the morning and fired him. Well, we are happy Alia is safe!

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