Arshi Khan Makes Big Revelation Says She Wasn’t Pregnant With Afridi’s Child

A couple of years ago, Arshi Khan created ripples in the media after she fixed some allegations on the famous Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi. Arshi Khan is probably one among those contestants in the Bigg Boss House who has been in controversies than you can actually count. One among the most popular controversy created by Arshi Khan is when she said she was pregnant with Shahid Afridi’s baby. She moreover said that she would deliver the baby in Bhopal. This news was enough to grab the limelight and she turned to be an overnight star. Now it is said that Arshi Khan is not pregnant with Afridi’s child

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The famous Bigg Boss contestant continued to call Shahid Afridi, Mehboob inside the house! Recently, while giving an interview Arshi Khan said that she was not pregnant with Shahid Afridi. The contestant also said that she has got some test done which shows that she is not pregnant. Now she has confessed the same inside the BB house. Yes, Arshi Khan is not pregnant with Afridi’s child.

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Arshi Khan is not pregnant with Afridi's child

Weekend ka Vaar is a huge thing inside the house as well as the Bigg Boss contestants. In this, every contestant is asked to reveal the darkest secret of their life. Now Arshi Khan was asked to go inside the cubicle box and speak her heart out. She went inside and shocked everyone with her recent confession.

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Arshi Khan is not pregnant with Afridi's child

The most controversial star of the Bigg Boss House said that she was not pregnant with Shahid Afridi’s child. All her allegations were false and fake. She, in fact, accepted that she did this in order to get some media attention. Somehow, every one of us knew that Arshi Khan’s allegation was false but it was good to see the contestant accepting on her own in front of the media.

We wonder how Shahid Afridi would react to this news!

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