Meet The Real ‘Head-Turner’, Who Can Effortlessly Twist His Head 180 Degrees

A fantastic video of a Pakistani boy effortlessly twisting his head 180 degrees has shaken the internet to the core. You need to meet Real ‘Head Turner’, Muhammad Sameer Khan a 14-year-old boy from Pakistan who can twist, turn and rotate his head 180 degrees. This boy has taken rubbernecking to a whole new level!

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The 14-year-old boy hopes to make his place one day in Hollywood movies and international projects. Muhammad Sameer Khan uses his hand to help rotate his head back over his shoulders. According to the reports in Daily Pakistan, this boy can not only rotate his head but he can also rotate his shoulders effortlessly.

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The boy further said that once he saw a Hollywood star rotating his head 180 degrees in a horror movie. He got fascinated with it and started practicing at home. Within a few months, the little boy was able to do this task easily. The boy said that he was slapped by his mother as she thought doing this task can break his neck bones. Later, she understood he is god gifted.

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Sameer is now a part of Pakistani dance troupe and earns up to £120 (10,350 INR) a month performing in Karachi. He wants to make it to Hollywood soon. Sameer supports his family by performing at several events and places. The little boy has quit his studies to become a part of a dance group so that he can earn his living.

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Mum Rukhsana Khan, 45, said: “Sameer’s father was working in a textile mill. But he had to stop working after he suffered two heart attacks in a year.” Since then he is not doing good and the responsibility of the family is on Sameer’s shoulder. Mother further said that she wanted Sameer to complete his studies but destiny had some other plans.


Sameer said: “I work so that I can support my family. I don’t want that due to lack of resources my four sisters do not have to quit studies.”

Source: TheSun

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