Already Blessed With Twins, Bollywood Actress Celina Jaitly Is Pregnant With Twins Again

Actress Celina Jaitly who is married to hotelier husband Peter Haag is pregnant with twins again. The 35-year-old actress is already a mother of five-year-old twins Winston and Viraaj. Celina Jaitley said that they were initially shocked to know that they are expecting to have twins again.

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Celina Jaitly Is Pregnant With Twins AgainCelina Jaitley said that when the doctor was doing an ultrasound, Peter asked the doctor if its twin this time The doctor said yes, which apparently left the actress and her husband shocked for some time. Celina, who has entered into her second trimester said that they are one among the chosen one as god chooses special people to be parents of multiple children.

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Celina further said that she and her husband are aware of the challenges of being a parent. Her husband, Peter is fully involved in her pregnancy and makes sure that is no problem in future.

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Here is what the actress reported to TOI, “Doctor was doing an ultrasound and Peter asked the doctor if its twins this time too. The doctor said yes and we both were initially shocked. We were exhilarated because the first thing that came to our mind was that we are the chosen ones. We are God fearing and we feel God chooses special people to be parents of multiple children. My mother always advised me that there is no perfect way to be a mother and father, but there are a million ways to be a good parent.”

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Celina Jaitly Is Pregnant With Twins Again

The actress said that she has discovered a lot of things after delivery twins. Celina is currently in Dubai and will come back to India for an ad campaign. She is also working on a book which will release the next year.

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Celina Jaitly Is Pregnant With Twins AgainWhen it comes to parental rules, here is what Celina wants to say about it. “I have always believed there are no rules to be a parent. My husband is 100 percent involved in the pregnancy and we both take our responsibilities seriously as parents.”

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