Unseen Pictures Of Chris Gayle Partying With Girls Will Surely Make You Jealous

Swashbuckling Royal Challengers Bangalore opening batsman Chris Gayle is one among the most popular batsmen in the country. Inspite of being a foreigner, Chris Gayle has gained popularity and fame in India and other cricket loving nations. Besides, his cricket career, what makes Chris Gayle famous is his colourful and glamorous life.
Chris Gayle is quite famous on social media account be it Instagram or twitter. He keeps on posting whatever he eats, where he attends and off course the girls he parties with. Gayle’s outside cricket life has always gained attention from worldwide.
A lot of crickets live a colourful life, but after watching these photos of Chris Gayle enjoying with girls will surely make you jealous. This Jamaican cricketer is living a king sized life and these photos are enough to prove it.

  1. Chris Gayle enjoying with girls! 

Chris Gayle enjoying with bikini girls - Chris Gayle Partying With Girls

2. Looks like he is the king of the ring! Amazing, isn’t it?

lavish parties of Chris Gayle

3. Oops! This photo of Gayle enjoying with a girl went viral on social media. 

Chris Gayle enjoying with a hot girl

4. Chris Gayle with his wife and other girl friends! 

5. Whoa! Now I am sure Gayle is living a King sized life!

Chris Gayle in a party with girls

6.  Gayle enjoying with a hottie! He often shares such photos on social media account.


7. That’s an another amazing photo, isn’t it?Chris Gayle chilling out with girls


8. Gayle loves to live a colorful life and this photo is a proof!

Chris Gayle enjoying with hot girls

9. When you love to be in Miami and show the world! 

Chris Gayle and his colorful life

10. Oh! This photo is surely raising the temperature. Chris Gayle with hot girls


11. Gayle enjoying and partying with hot girls at a party hosted by him. 


12. But still, we love you so much, Gayle! 


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