This ‘Dulha’ Pushing The Car Through Flood Waters To Reach Wedding Venue Is Going Viral On The Internet

If you deemed you are having the worst day of your life, you need to read this story of a Pakistani Dulha who pushed his car through flood water to reach his wedding venue. According to the reports published in Express Tribune, the Dulha is from Gujranwala, in the Punjab district of Pakistan.

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'Dulha’ Pushing The Car Through Flood Waters

When the groom was traveling in the car, his car broke down in the rain water. This is when the groom decided that he won’t allow the rain water to spoil this wedding and instead decided to push his car and reach the wedding venue. The groom did not think much but go down in his wedding clothes and turban to push the wedding car fully decorated with the flowers. Without anybody’s help, the groom kept pushing the car through the floods and we hope he reached the wedding venue as well.

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