Hardik Pandya Clicks A Selfie But There’s A Ghost Standing Behind Him

Just like any regular guy, Hardik Pandya is obsessed by taking selfies and sharing on his social media account. However, this time the young cricketer clicked a selfie and uploaded it on the social media account which soon attracted a lot of attention for a horror reason. After some time, fans were able to spot a ghost standing behind him in the photo. Don’t believe us? Check out the photo here-

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Hardik Pandya Clicks A Selfie But There's A Ghost Standing Behind HimNow we cannot say whether this picture is edited or real, but when you take a close look you will surely be scared. The picture of a ghost standing behind him in black hoods will surely give you goosebumps! Hardik Pandya is one among the most loved cricketers in the Indian team and it is when a fan club uploaded this scary picture of Hardik Pandya.

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You can see the 23-year-old cricketer taking a selfie in this picture with a wall mirror behind him giving several reflections. The shapeless black picture which is seen through the mirror looked like something spooky from a horror movie. People who believe in paranormal activities say that there is a ghost sitting behind him while people who don’t believe in paranormal activities, they have dismissed the reports.

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