No Nikaah No Pheras! How This Hindu Muslim Couple Celebrated Their Marriage Is Epic

In a religious intolerance country like India, people believe in getting married in a traditional way. The Hindu families believe in Saath Pheras while the Muslim families believe in the Nikaah ceremony. This Indian couple belonging to Hindu- Muslim family celebrated their marriage in the most unconventional way.

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Junaid Shaikh and Garima Joshi, a Hindu-Muslim couple based in Dubai broke the taboo and celebrated their wedding in an unusual way.  A Muslim boy Junaid and the Hindu girl, Garima who studied together in Symbiosis together met each other in Dubai years later. The couple fell in love with each other and decided to get married. Convincing their parents was a tough job for both the individuals because they belonged to distinct caste.

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However, soon after they were able to convince their parents, Junaid and Garima thought to have a hatke wedding. Here is what the couple said,

‘We’re not doing a nikah, we’re not doing pheras. We are just having a celebration. It’s a celebration of two cultures and two families,”

Shattering all the stereotypes, they did not have saath pehars or a nikaah ceremony, instead, they danced the night away.

The couple is quite popular on social media thanks to the trend they started, hashtag #ShaikhItWithJosh. They wanted the people to give away the old notions of marriage and come together to enjoy. Their documentary was shot in 4.20 seconds and it got more than thousands of views in just a few seconds of its release.  Here is what the caption read as, “It’s so unfortunate that even today Hindu-Muslim marriage is considered a taboo in our country. We met Garima & Junaid last year and after meeting them we were so convinced that love is way beyond culture and religion,”

Isn’t this marriage amazing? Would you like to have such marriage?

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