This Is Why Hotels Refuse To Have Rooms With The Number 420

You might have stayed in room no 421 or 419, but you might have never stayed in the room number 420. However, according to reports and belief’s, most of the hotel owners refuse to have a room with the number 420.

Well, why is the room number 420 avoided in most of the hotels?  The threat of Room No. 420 is so intense that some of them decided to call it as 419 + 1. What’s the problem with this number?

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The reason will actually leave you laughing! Legends believe that the number 420 means weed. The number 420 has something to do with people misbehaving, taking the piss and being very, very naughty and ridiculous.

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The number 420 is considered to be a secret code of smoking weed. Yeah, this is the only reason why everyone gathers to peacefully chant about legalizing marijuana on April 20th (4/20 in America).

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So this is probably the reason if you happen to stay in room no. 420 you tend to misbehavior with the staff or act out of control. However, according to other myths, April 20 is a very special day for marijuana users, as it is the day when they celebrate an annual international pro-cannabis festival. All the weed lovers gathered at 4. 20 pm in order to decriminalize marijuana as a harmful drug.

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So this is probably the only reason why hotels refuse to have rooms with the number 420. If you want to experiment, you can simply ask the hotel owner to give you the 420 room no and see what happens.


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