Two Indian Companies Have Come Up With Paid Menstrual Leave For All Their Women Employees

Women can be low at times and nothing can be as painful as bearing those 6-7 days of periods once in every month. There are several posts and debates circulating around the social media laughing off at the period pain, but let’s accept the fact that period pain is the worst, yes even worse than a heartbreak.

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Indian companies giving Paid Menstrual Leave

Dealing with mood swings and stomach cramps, it becomes very difficult for women to work throughout the day. Understanding the hardship and pain that every woman suffers through their periods, these two Indian companies have come up with Paid menstrual leave for all their women.

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Indian companies giving Paid Menstrual LeaveA company called Culture Machine recently launched a video wherein they surprised their female employees while breaking this news. The female employees were extremely happy when they were told that they can enjoy a paid leave on the first day of their periods.

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Another company called  Gozoop, a digital marketing organization will also give paid leaves to their female employees. These organizations have not come understood the pain of every woman but they also support educational needs. An employee is even given a month off in order to explore their professional expertise. They also focus a shut down on Valentine’s day and new year eve.

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