This Love Story Between A Man And A S*x Worker Will Leave You SHOCKED

In a viral video named, ‘One Fine Night’,  you will see two different characters falling with each other due to their past. This video is going viral on the social media as it portrays the love between an innocent man and a prostitute, which one of us have ever imagined about. The video also makes us understand that you should not be judging anyone by the first meet.

This short film directed by Vishal Shrivastava will leave you shocked. Uploaded on YouTube by ‘monk creations’, the video has been captioned: “Love will test you in the most unexpected moments, and you won’t see it coming.”

Since it was uploaded, the video has already gained millions of views on Youtube. It is widely shared and appreciated among Indian masses.

Source Youtube

Nikhil Thorat

Digital Marketer

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