Mumbai Shocker : Police Tows Car With A Woman Breastfeeding Her Baby Inside

In a shocking incident from Mumbai, Mumbai traffic police towed a car with a woman breastfeeding her baby inside. The incident took place at SV Road in Malad and the video of this shocking incident was uploaded on Facebook on 10th November.  In this video, you can see the mother asking for help in despair.

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The woman who appeared to be in her 20’s have claimed that two other vehicles parked there were not picked, but her car was chosen for towing by the cops. The cops did not stop even after being protested by the locals who said that towing can harm both the mother and the baby inside the car.

The woman pleaded in front of the cops and also showed them a medical prescription that she was not well. However, the cops refused to listen to her and continued speaking on the mobile phone.

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The policeman who towed the car is believed to be named Shashank Rane, was not wearing a badge which is against the rules of the Maharashtra Police. The video has created an outrage on social media.  Taking note of the shocking incident, Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Amitesh Kumar ordered an urgent investigation by the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

“He has been ordered to visit and conduct an inquiry into the incident immediately. The case will be handled appropriately and sternly after the report is received tomorrow,” Mr Kumar said.

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Update: At 7:45 pm on Saturday, Amitesh Kumar, the Jt CP, Traffic, Mumbai Police, confirmed to Republic TV that the constable in question, Shashank Rane, has been suspended as prima-facie there was a risk posed to the safety of the mother and her baby.

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