This Video of Bigg Boss 10’s Om Swami Getting Lap Dance from A Model Is Going Viral

Remember Om Swami from Bigg Boss? Well, Om Swami and Pooja Jagga are one of the most controversial members in the history of Bigg Boss. Om Swami, the self-confessed god man has always grabbed the news headlines for weird reasons.

Last time Om swami was in news for chopping off his hair for his rumored girlfriend, Pooja Jagga. Reports suggested that it was Pooja Jagga who forced Om Swami to chop off his complete hair. Well, recently Om Swami was spotted in a new look and he looks unrecognizable after chopping off his long hair.

Recently a video of Om Swami is going viral where he is getting a lap dance from a model. In this video, you can see the Bigg Boss contestant dressed up like a Baba and a model, Anam Khan who is showing a lap dance to him. The model further tries to woo om Swami with her dancer moves.

With more than 3 million likes on the youtube channel, this video of Om Swami is going viral. Check out the video here.

Further, it was also said that Om Swami demanded the model to change the dress as he did not like the color. It looks like Om Swami was not enough that his movies are now seeking attention around the world.

This video is a part of ‘Man Ka Mel’, which is directed by a Delhi-based director called Jerry. However, there is no information regarding the producer of the movie.

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