Plus-Size Blogger Shuts Everyone By Uploading Her Bikini Picture On Instagram

I really don’t understand why the world is so obsessed with a lady with an hourglass figure. Is body so important for a person to be solely judged on? The World is body shaming people who are thin, fat, overweight etc and this is getting worse by each day. Recently, a plus-size blogger Callie Thorpe uploaded her bikini pictures on Instagram and was body shamed by everyone.

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Plus-Size Blogger Shuts Everyone By Uploading Her Bikini Picture On Instagram 2

The blogger posted a picture of herself in a black bikini and within no time, the picture attracted a lot of nasty comments. People literally shamed her for wearing a bikini and sharing it with her fans. Some people called her as a fat cow, while others made fun of her weight. Finally, the blogger shuts back trollers who badly insulted her.

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Plus-Size Blogger Shuts Everyone By Uploading Her Bikini Picture On Instagram 2Here is what she wrote,

 “Any person who dares to feel comfortable in their skin, or attempts to be happy in the body they are in, no matter what journey they are on with their health, isn’t allowed to exist. If they do, for example, wear fashionable clothes, or put a swimsuit on to go to the beach, they are accused of promoting obesity and unhealthy habits.”

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She said

“Dealing with online abuse” has been viewed over 26,000 times and 1,000 comments. The video is all over the social media. Thorpe became a bit emotional while expressing how she felt on reading such comments and said, “There were 900 comments and pretty much all of them were vile. It was just the worst thing I’ve ever read in the whole five years I’ve been blogging. I couldn’t get it out of my brain at all. In the night I couldn’t sleep because of some of the things I’d read about myself.” “Being fat is seen as being lazy, greedy and a waste on society,” Callie told The Independent. She further added saying, “It is one of the last acceptable prejudices in this day and age,” she said.

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Plus-Size Blogger in BikiniHere is the video of the blogger –

“It is absolutely insane to me that if we just call someone a troll and that makes it okay. But some of the stuff these people write is … just violent, nasty shit that no one should ever see.” Thorpe asked her fans to raise voice against bullying by reporting the nasty comments. She even said that “Please use your voice, please use your report button, please email people in charge and tell them that it’s not acceptable to have comments in a section like that.”

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