Meet the Billionaire ‘Chailwala’ who gave Rs 1.5 crore dowry In daughter’s marriage

Meet the rich tea seller from Rajasthan, who is allegedly caught giving Rs. 1.5 Crore in dowry for his six daughters. Leela Ram Gujjar, who owns a tea stall at Haduata near Kothputli, Rajasthan is known as the richest tea seller due to his bank balance. Ram Gujjar, a tea stall owner giving dowry

A video went viral on social media where Gujjar was seen counting the money and flaunting off the cash in front of the villagers. The camera also caught Gujjar counting the cash in loud voice and handling bundles of notes. He was literally paying the money to the groom’s family.

tea seller giving dowry of Rs. 1.5 crore to the groom's familyGujjar was directed to the income tax office and the department has asked him to declare all the source of income.

Here is what income tax official said, “We will wait till Thursday. He will be questioned on his income, and it will be checked if he filed his returns or not. If the dowry he paid stemmed from unaccounted for income, a tax deduction process would be initiated. He has also been asked to produce documents pertaining to his income,”

teaseller, Leela Ram Gujjar  giving Rs.1.5 crore dowryFurther reports say that Gujjar is been questioned for getting four daughters married who were under 18 year of age. Sources said that Gujjar had printed wedding cards of only two daughters but there were actually 6 daughters who were getting married on the same date.

Currently, Gujjar is in lockup and will be questioned about his wealth and getting his teen daughters married. Here is what the police official said,

“We visited their house but they are missing. Their relatives have been asked to appear at the police station,”

You can check out the video here –

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