Restaurant Owner Throws Hot Boiling Oil On Customer Who Complained About Food

It looks like atrocious stories have become the order of the day! After brutally throwing a one-month-old puppy from the terrace to acid attacking and rape cases, here comes another shocking incident which has left everyone worried.

According to the reports published on Mid-Day, it is said that a roadside Chinese eatery owner in Ulhasnagar flung hot oil on the face of the man who complained about the food and also the price charged for the same. A CCTV footage clearly shows the owner throwing hot boiling oil on the face of the 29-year-old customer.

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Restaurant Owner Throws Hot Boiling Oil On Customer

According to Ulhasnagar police, the incident took place at a busy eatery- Manoj Koliwada Chinese corner which is situated in the city’s Venus Chowk. The police confirmed that the 29-year-old victim Vicky Mhaske along with three others went to the eatery to have dinner at 11.30 pm. Vicky and the restaurant owner got into a heated argument after he complained about the food and then the bill.

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Restaurant Owner Throws Hot Boiling Oil On Customer

In the video below, you can see the man throwing something at the owner. Soon after that, CCTV camera shows the owner of the eatery taking a jug and filling it with hot oil from the cooking utensil. Quickly after he filled the jug, he splashed the oil on his face, leaving him badly injured. Police have filed an FIR against the owner and are looking into the matter.

An officer from Vitthalwadi police station quoted

“Vicky immediately called up his brother Deepak Mhaske and asked him to reach the spot. In the meantime, one of the staff members flung hot oil on Deepak’s face, injuring him badly. One of Deepak’s friends, Vijay Pagare, also suffered burn injuries on his stomach. Both of them were immediately rushed to the Central Hospital in Ulhasnagar, where they are currently undergoing treatment,” You can check out the video here

You can check out the video here


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