This Couple Is Making ₹1,80,000 Per Post By Travelling Around The World

Name me a person, who does not loves traveling. Well, every one of us loves traveling because it helps us to enjoy the beauty of nature. Traveling not only helps to discover news places, but it can help to boost your mood and rejuvenate yourself. Travelling makes you humble, calm and also gives you a better vision to life.

Here we brought you a post about a couple who makes ₹1,80,000 Per Post! Yes, believe me, this is true.

Jack Morris is 26 and Lauren Bullen is 24 and both of them are making a 6 digit salary through travel blogging.

Check out their stunning photos here.




Jack is from Manchester while Lauren has been brought up in Australia.  Both of them met each other while exploring Fiji in 2016. Because traveling is their passion, they started traveling together and make sure to visit atleast one new country in one month.




Now the couple makes  $3,000 (₹1,80,000) for one sponsored post.






Jack says they click photos by themselves and the pictures which feature both of the have been shot by a tripod. Lauren and Jack earn money through brand and tourism sponsorship. Many international brands including Air NZ, AirBnB, Disney and Royal Carribean Cruises have approached this enviable couple for the promotional post.










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