WTF! This Woman Wants To Be A Mother Of Her Dead Boyfriend

In a horrifying incident, this 24-year-old woman has appealed the court as she wants to be the mother of her dead boyfriend. Joshua Davies from Toowoomba, Queensland, died suddenly last August in an accident. However, it was his girlfriend who decided to harvest her dead boyfriend’s sperm and appealed the court to take a permission if she can use it to have a baby or not.

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This Woman Wants To Be A Mother Of Her Dead BoyfriendAccording to the reports, Ayla and Joshua were planning to have a family ahead when suddenly, Joshua lost his life in an accident. Joshua died suddenly but promised to marry Ayla and have three children.

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This Woman Wants To Be A Mother Of Her Dead BoyfriendHere is what Cresswell told the court,

‘Joshua told me that he was very excited at the prospect of being a father, and we often talked about having children, and the effect it would have on our live,’

Just a few hours after Joshua died, Supreme Court Justice Martin Burns granted 24-year-old Ayla the permission to have his private body parts which were removed at Toowoomba Hospital.

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This Woman Wants To Be A Mother Of Her Dead BoyfriendIt has been said that one more judgment from the court is pending which will give her the rights to use the tissue of her dead boyfriend, Joshua. It is said that the woman will again file a petition in the court this July as she had promised Joshua to have three children with him.

The woman’s father said that he and his family fully supported Alan Cresswell to have babies with Joshua. While Joshua is not in this world, his family strongly believes that he would be happy to discover that Ayla is blessed with three children.

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This Woman Wants To Be A Mother Of Her Dead BoyfriendThe family of Cresswell also ensured the court that the woman’s family is fully supportive of her daughter’s plan of having babies. The couple had been in a relationship for two years before Joshua died.

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