Woman From This Indian Community Breastfeed Deer Along With Their Babies

The Marwar village in Rajasthan is actually a home to Bishnoi tribe, who is popular for their love for wild animals. They believe animals are sacred and their love for animals is so much that the woman from this Indian community breastfeeds deer along with their babies.

woman from this community breastfeed deer bishnoi tribeWoman from this tribe who consider nature as their external part finally speaks about why they breastfeed deer along with their babies. The Bishnoi group consider animals such as Deer to be sacred and they strongly emphasis on protecting them.

woman from this community breastfeed deer bishnoi tribeThe people from this community are nature lovers and farmers by profession. They are followers of Hindu guru, Sri Jumbheshwar Bhagwan. This tradition of breastfeeding deer is carried on for more than 500 years since the religion was founded. The Bishnois are extremely nature lovers and they refuse to cut the trees as well.

During the summer season, they people come together to dig water tanks in few places so that the thirsty deer can quench their thirst. These people are very touchy to people who destroy flora and fauna of the region and hence people don’t usually mess with them. Of course, the community is against poaching.

woman from this community breastfeed deer bishnoi tribeIt is said that the Bishnoi’s have sacrificed their lives by hugging and protecting trees in the area. According to the woman belonging to Bishnoi religion say that it is their duty to help the dear grow strong and hence they love to breastfeed them. They do this until the animal is young enough to be released freely.

Here is what one among the woman from Bishnoi tribe said, “These baby deers are my life and they’re like my own children. I feed them milk and food and ensure they’re given proper care and attention in the house like all my family members. They are not orphans when they have us around, they have new mothers like me who offer them a mother’s feed for a healthy life,”

Bishnois are now scattered in various regions of India and can be found in areas like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. No matter wherever they are, they consider animals as scared.

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