Woman Slept With A Python Every night, What Doctor Revealed Will Give You Goosebumps

Not all animals can make a great pet but can you imagine keeping a python as your pet? Well, this woman sleeps with a python every night and suddenly stopped eating food one day. What next? Well, read on to know more about this story.

This woman used to sleep with her python every night and one night she found out that her loving python has stopped eating since many days. The woman spoke about python to be a loving pet and wrapping her body tightly, he would sleep everything with her. Every night it would lie curled up with her, slithering over her, snuggling with her which made this woman love him more as much he did. The worried woman took the python to a doctor and then doctor revealed something shocking about this incident.

A 7-foot python was really big and it has to eat something! What made this python stop eating suddenly? When the vet examined the python and asked about its behavioral patterns, what he revealed to this woman will give you goosebumps. He asked whether the python slept with her, snuggling up to her and stretching itself out all around her. She said, “Yes! Every day and it makes me so sad that I can’t help him feel better.” A revelation such as what the vet confirmed would have definitely made any person’s blood run cold. Here’s what the doctor told her.

“Your Python isn’t t sick at all,” the vet told her. What the vet told her next gave her the ultimate shock. “Madam, Your PYTHON IS PREPARING TO EAT YOU.” The vet went on to explain that the python was actually sizing her up. Its behavior of slithering all over her body, hugging her and remaining close to her was actually a rehearsal of the grand feast it was preparing to have. The woman in question!!

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