SHOCKING! Woman Who Was Already Pregnant Gets Pregnant Again

In one of the rare case of its kind, a California woman who was already pregnant gets pregnant again. Earlier, it was assumed that the woman is pregnant with twin babies, but later it was confirmed that the twins were not conceived at the same time. Later, it was found that California resident Jessica Allen was being a surrogate mother for a Chinese couple when she became pregnant with her husband.  Allen was already a mother of two when she decided to become a surrogate mother for the Chinese couple.

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Woman Who Was Already Pregnant Gets Pregnant Again 2Six weeks after her pregnancy, doctors found out that the mother is actually carrying two fetuses. Because of the two features present, everyone thought it to be twins. Nobody then considered being a rare case of pregnancy but later it was said that this was actually a case of superfetation.

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Woman Who Was Already Pregnant Gets Pregnant Again 2Superfetation is actually a phenomenon when a mother continues to ovulate even after becoming pregnant. In such cases, the woman is still able to conceive a second child alongside the fetus of the first child. According to the studies, it is said that the case of superfetation is quite rare in humans and is popularly found in animals. It is common between Kangaroos, horse, sheep, and rabbits.

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Woman Who Was Already Pregnant Gets Pregnant Again 2A DNA test was later conducted which showed that one kid was a genetic match for the Chinese couple while the other one was her and Jaspers genes. Allan who successfully implanted one of the embryos was paid USD 30,000 for it. Fortunately, both children are now fit and healthy.

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