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City youth feeling nostalgic as Google shuts down Orkut

Orkut will be history from tomorrow as google has decided to shut down its early social-networking service from today (September 30).  The search giant’s move has triggered a feeling of nostalgia among  youth in the city.

“Though it will be closed from tomorrow it will be remembered as one of the earliest social networking websites. I have very fond memories of Orkut, I used to chat with my friends who are abroad on it,” says Pinaki Jena, a freelancer from Bhubaneswar.

“We used to spend hours chatting with friends on the network. Orkut lost it popularity after the launch of Facebook and Twitter.  It couldn’t compete with these rival services,”  says Debasis Sahoo a cinematographer.

Both Orkut and Facebook were launched in 2004. While Facebook is now the world’s No.1 social network with 1.28 billion users, Google has reportedly declined to comment on the number of users Orkut has.

“I started using Orkut in 2007 while I was in college.  I used to sit hours in Internet café to chat with my girlfriend on Orkut.  But  it has reached the end of its lifecycle and people have moved beyond Orkut. Besides, smart phones and new apps have made networking  easier,” says Dillip Kumar Sahoo, an accountant by profession.


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