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10 things you should know about the new Windows 10

Microsoft on Tuesday announced its ‘Windows 10′ Operating System to replace the largely unpopular Windows 8. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The start menu in Windows 10 will appear similar to what is found in Windows 7: start button will also open a series of tiles that resemble Windows 8.

2. The software will be available from mid-2015. The retail price is not finalised; however, users can sign up for the Windows Insider Programme to get an idea of the preview build.

3. Although the current version is called Windows 8, Microsoft says it is skipping ahead to Windows 10 to emphasize its effort to move forward.

4. The new version will allow users to switch between touch mode or keyboard input. The new Operating System will have a task view button on the taskbar which will allow users to quickly scan through the files, windows and desktops that are open.

5. Consumers will also be able to switch between Microsoft devices more easily and avoid having to buy the same apps multiple times.

6. Windows 10 will also boast of enhanced security, including separating and securing data in ways more resistant to breach or theft.

7. In Windows 10, full-screen apps will be optional. There’s also support for multiple desktops.

8. Windows 10 will enhance Snap feature, the function that lets users arrange apps side by side.

9. The Operating System was originally codenamed Windows ‘Threshold’.

10. Windows 10 will also be designed to work on a wider range of computing devices.

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