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You Can Now Download OS X Yosemite for Free

Apple’s latest Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite, will be available for download later today in the Mac App Store. Announced at WWDC 2014, Yosemite features a brand new look and feel, as well as integration with iOS 8.

Nearly a million Mac users are already using OS X Yosemite. In July, Apple released Yosemite to users as part of a public preview. In the past, beta versions of OS X have been limited to developers.

By offering Yosemite to a wider cross section of users, Apple has had the chance to hear user feedback on new features, additions and omissions. Third-party app developers have also been able to start building Yosemite support for their apps.

Along with its new look and feel, the biggest hallmark features of OS X Yosemite involve its integration with iOS 8 and iOS 8.1. Users can make and accept iPhone calls from a Mac running Yosemite, share files with AirDrop and pass off tasks using a new feature called Handoff.

With iOS 8.1 slated for release on Monday, Yosemite will gain the ability to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from the Messages app.

Yosemite will run on any iMac from mid-2007 to present, the late 2008 aluminum MacBook and later, mid-2007 MacBook Pro, late 2008 MacBook Air, early 2009 Mac mini, and early 2008 Mac Pro and or later.

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