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15 Steps Which You Need To Follow After Installing Ubuntu

1. The Ubuntu Launcher:

A series of icons is provided by the Ubuntu launcher which are down the left side of the Unity desktop. There is a guide which gives you an overview of Unity including the launcher.

2. The Ubuntu Dash:

With Ubuntu Dash you can find applications, music, videos and it’s a good idea to get your hands upon Ubuntu Dash. Click here to get an idea about Ubuntu Dash.

3. Connect To The Internet:

You have to connect to the internet for installing necessary tools, downloading extra software and reading articles. There is a guide available which teaches you how to connect wirelessly to the internet and also provides an overview of Ubuntu.

4. Update Ubuntu:

You need to keep updating Ubuntu for security reasons and you should also ensure that you get bug fixes to applications which are installed on your system. Run the Software Updater package from the Ubuntu Dash. Check this video to learn how to use this Software Updater.

5. Use The Software Centre:

This tool should be used when you want to install other software within Ubuntu. Here is the video which will guide you to use the Software Centre. With this video you can learn how to install free software, how to install proprietary software and how to install the Ubuntu Restricted Extras Package.

6. Open A Terminal Window:

You can do most things in Ubuntu without using the terminal. But if you use the terminal window you can perform certain tasks as the terminal is universal across many Linux distributions. Learn how to open a terminal here.

7. Use sudo:

Sudo is one of the commands which can be used within the terminal. Sudo lets you run commands as a super user (root) or as another user. Have a brief overview of sudo in this video.

8. Install Ubuntu Restricted Extras:

Now with the terminal you will be able to install the Ubuntu Restricted Extras package. If you are writing the letter you will notice that none of the usual Windows based fonts are available, if you listen to music in Rhythmbox you cannot play MP3 files and if you play a Flash game it’ll also not work. Go through this guide to learn how to install the Ubuntu Restricted Extras package.

9. Change The Desktop Wallpaper:

If you are done with the default wallpaper on your Ubuntu desktop and want to change it soon then here’s an explanatory guide which shows you how to change desktop wallpaper with Ubuntu.

10. Setup A Printer:

The first thing you should notice is if your printer is actually supported by your Ubuntu or not, before setting it up. This guide shows you printers are supported within Ubuntu. Here is a videoguide to let you know how printers are installed.

11. Import Music Into Rhythmbox:

Rhythmbox is the default audio player in Ubuntu and with this you will want to import your music collection. Go through this TITLE to know how to use Rhythmbox.

12. Setup Online Accounts:

Integrate online accounts such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter into Ubuntu so that you can interact straight from the desktop. Have a visual guide on how to set up online accounts.

13. Install Google Chrome:

Ubuntu’s default browser is Firefox. But Google Chrome is useful if you decide to watch Netflix within Ubuntu. Learn how to install Google Chrome within Ubuntu.

14. Install NetFlix:

Just install a software package using the Software Centre. Use HTML5 to have Netflix within Chrome. Just follow this guide. Here is another video which shows an alternative way of installing and running Netflix in Ubuntu.

15. Backup Your System:

After installing all the software and special features, you will not prefer to lose files, pictures, photos and videos, and it’s for sure. So learn how to backup your system.


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