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New technology to make Smartphone batteries efficient, longer life

Do you want to make the battery of your handsets last a long longer than yo get at the moment? If this is what you want, and I am sure everyone among us want to see our smartphones last for several days or even weeks from 8-12 hours that we get at the moment, we are going to get it in the days to come.

Scientists have come out with a new and improved technology that is going to see your handsets and computers besides of course tablet consume a lot lower energy than what they use at the moment. Simply put the handsets and laptops are set to become far more energy efficient than anything we have at the moment.

The new technology that has been developed by University of Texas at Dallas may ensure that not just our wearable devices come with self contained power resources and that our handsets actually live a lot longer than they do at the moment.

This is simply going to revolutionize the smartphones, tabs and laptops. Dr. Jiyoung Kim and Dr. Kyeongjae “K.J” Cho invented the new technology and found that by adding a specific atomic thin film layer to a transistor, the layer acted as a filter for the energy that passed through it at room temperature. Kim, who is a professor of materials science and engineering in the Jonsson School, told the media that the whole semiconductor industry was looking for steep devices because they were key to having small, powerful, mobile devices with many functions that operated quickly without spending a lot of battery power.

Other researchers of the team were also excited with the development. Cho, professor of materials science and engineering and physics, said that they devised a technique to cool the electrons internally that allowed reduction in operating voltage so that they could create even smaller, more power efficient devices. The research showed that each time a device such as a smartphone or a tablet computes it required electrical power for operation. Reducing operating voltage would mean longer shelf lives for these products and others. Lower power devices could mean computers worn with or on top of clothing that would not require an outside power source, among other things. The study is published online in Nature Communications.


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