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Twitpic again says it’s shutting down

Photo-sharing service Twitpic has announced that it will be shutting down after all, marking October 25 as its final day online. The announcement comes just a few weeks after the company said that it had been acquired.

“We worked through a handful of potential acquirers and exhausted all potential options. We were almost certain we had found a new home for Twitpic (hence our previous tweet), but agreeable terms could not be met”, said Twitpic founder Noah Everett in a blog post.

Earlier last month, Twitpic said it was shutting down on September 25, following a dispute with Twitter, which asked the service to abandon its trademark application, or risk losing access to their API. At that time, Twitpic explained it doesn’t have the resources to fend off a company like Twitter.

But that changed a couple of weeks later, when the company said that it would remain in business, thanks to an unnamed acquirer. As it turns out, Twitpic and the mystery acquirer could not agree on acquisition terms.

“I’m sincerely sorry (and embarrassed) for the circumstances leading up to this, from our initial shutdown announcement to an acquisition false alarm”, Noah said.

Launched back in 2008, Twitpic was one of the first and probably the best-established third-party Twitter image-sharing service. It was also the best service for uploading animated GIFs to Twitter until recently, when Twitter added native support for animated GIFs on and its mobile apps.

Twitpic users can head to to export their data and photos (limited to only the most recent 5,000 pictures).


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